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Which is the best – South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke or Optima Cigs?



One of the best tasting e-cigs we've ever tested!

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They provide great flavor, with a variety of differently tasting vapors.

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Not as many flavors, but the ones they do have taste amazing!

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If you know one thing about electronic cigarettes, then you probably know that there are tons of brands out there, all trying to tell you that you should smoke their e-cigs and that all other brands are nothing compared to theirs. However, there are only three brands currently on the market that can seriously make this claim and they are the following three – South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke and Optima Cigs. However, which of these three is the best brand and which of them is perfect for you?

South Beach Smoke [Visit official site]

SBS is one of those brands that people just cannot get enough of and a brand that constantly keeps on improving by coming out with new flavors, new components and accessories and with new approaches to the whole e-cig experience. South Beach Smoke electronic cigs are the best that you can get and this is not a personal opinion. There are thousands of people who have discovered that with this brand, you are getting everything that you could ever hope to get from e-cigs. You get the vapor, you get the taste, you get the customer service, you get the quality of make. South Beach Smoke e-cigs are simply extraordinary and you need to remember this.


EverSmoke [Visit official site]

EverSmoke is only slightly lagging behind SBS and in a world without SBS, this would be the brand that we would be hailing as the best out there. There are only slight differences between these brands, like a slightly richer vapor in SBS smokes that makes us prefer that brand and some of the flavors that are a bit more tasty with the SBS. However, all that being said, with EverSmoke, you will never feel like you have made a mistake. The quality of make is once again at the highest possible level, they have a great choice of flavors and their e-cigs are just as well made as the SBS ones. It’s only a matter of nuances.

Optima Cigs [Visit official site]

Optima Cigs are the new kid on the block and they still have a few things to learn from their older relatives. However, even today, Optima Cigs electronic cigarettes are far better than anything else you can get on the market, expect for the two brands we have already mentioned. They still have a few things to do about enlarging their array of flavors and they have a few things to do when it comes to their vapor. Still, they are a very affordable choice which will not leave you wanting and that is the perfect introduction to the world of e-cigs.

One last thing that we want you to remember is that these three brands of e-cigs are very close and that all other brands are far, far behind them when it comes to the quality of vapor, the flavors and the overall e-cigarette experience. One of these three will always be our choice.








Extra Capacity Li-Ion Battery,USB Charger,Carrying Case,Car Adapter,Personal Charging Case

400 puffs



High Capacity Battery, Personal Charging Pack, Car Charger, Lanyard

275 puffs



Mini Battery,Long Charge Battery,USB Charger,Hard Pack,Compact Carrying Case, Necklace Optima Holder

300-350 puffs



The greatest benefits of electronic cigarettes

What can you get from smoking electronic cigarettes instead of the traditional ones? I’m sure that a lot of you have been wondering that, especially if you ever considered quitting smoking, or just saw a commercial for e-cigarettes on TV. Well, there are a lot of benefits an electronic cigarette provides, so here are the greatest ones.

First of all, electronic cigarettes are much less toxic than an average cigarette. While you can still enjoy the aroma of a good cigarette, the smell and taste, you don’t have to worry about subjecting your lungs to the poisonous and carcinous dangers that a cigarette smoke brings. An average cigarette has over 4000 different chemicals. Of that number, 43 can cause some sort of cancer (90% of lung cancer deaths can be blamed on cigarettes) and has another 400 different toxins. Some of those toxins are nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic, formaldehyde, DDT, ammonia and so on. An electronic cigarette does not contain any of these toxins, there’s just the good aroma of a fine tobacco. Read more...

Many benefits of electronic cigarettes

I’ve been trying to quit smoking for the past two years now, after lighting three packs per day in average at some point. Unfortunately, I never quite got further than quitting for a few days here and there, but as soon I get nervous about something at work (which can be really stressful at times), I go down to the nearest place where I could get some, and it all goes to hell.

I’ve tries just about anything, from cold turkey approach, special diets, counseling, nicotine patches, gums, etc. Nothing really worked. Then I heard about electronic cigarettes. This was about three months ago. Since I ran out of options, I decided to try them as well. My first impression when I tried an e-cig was: “Hey, this is like a regular cigarette!”. You know how those nicotine patches never give you the satisfaction that a good cigarette can? Well, that’s not the case with electronic cigarettes. You can smoke them and they feel just like a normal cigarette when it comes to taste and smell. Read more...

Electronic cigarettes - can they really help you quit

If you are a smoker, I’m sure that you have tried countless methods for quitting smoking. Did you ever tried electronic cigarettes? You probably heard a lot of them on TV or read in the newspaper. You’ve probably saw some health expert advertising a particular brand and claiming how this is an excellent way to quit smoking. Well, let me tell you that it isn’t. And here is why.

What are electronic cigarettes? I mean, how are they sold? Like a quit smoking device or as something else? Sorry to disappoint you, but electronic cigarettes are essentially nothing more than a nicotine replacers. Just like nicotine patches and nicotine gums. While the feel might be better when smoking an electronic cigarette, certainly closer to a real cigarette, they are still not a quit smoking device. Read more...

When you need an e-cig – South Beach Smoke

There are literally hundreds of electronic cigarette brands available today and it can sometimes become quite difficult and, to be perfectly honest, boring choosing the one that you feel will satisfy all your smoking needs with something that is nowhere near as bad for you as regular cigarettes, with something that you will be able to smoke anywhere and that will not put the scorning looks on the faces of people around you. The brand with which you never can go wrong is South Beach Smoke, the best e-cig brand that you can get for your money. Read more...

EverSmoke – electronic cigs you will love

EverSmoke is an electronic cigarette brand that people fall in love from the very first moment they hold one of their e-cigs in their hands. The EverSmoke experience starts there. When you first pick up one of their devices, you immediately realize that it was made from the highest quality materials available and that it is sturdier than any other electronic cigarette that you can find on the market. And then you take that first drag on it and you just know that you have found the brand that you will fall in love. It is an incredible experience and one that no one should miss out on. Read more...

Optima Cigs – one of a kind brand of e-cigs

Are you tired of not being able to smoke anywhere in public? Are you tired of spending tons of money on cigarettes that just keep on getting pricier and pricier? Are you tired of all the people telling you how you should give smoking a rest and stop wasting your money? Are you tired of seeing your fingers and your teeth go all yellow from the tobacco smoke? If your answer to these questions is yes, then it is about time for you to start using electronic cigarettes and the brand that will always be there for you is Optima Cigs. Read more...